Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, and the Vote

With the midterm elections just a few weeks away, a recent AARP-Politico poll shows that Social Security is the top issue for Arizona voters aged 50 and older.  Coming in at a close second was the issue of health care, followed by Medicare and national security. 

Those who feel that they have been unable to be a part of the political discussion or have been unable to have their questions answered might want to consider taking part in a "tele-town hall," such as those which AARP Arizona has been setting up.  While a physical town hall may be difficult for many to attend, town hall events over the telephone can be accessible to a much broader audience. 

AARP Arizona addressed this idea as well as issues relevant to voters aged 50 and older in an October 1 article entitled "High Stakes for 50-Plus Voters" by Ford Burkhart. For more information, contact the AARP state office at 866-389-5649.

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