102-year-old runner Ida Keeling setting race records

Ida Keeling, 102, still running despite have arthritis in her hands and knees. She is so inspiring!


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Financial Crimes Against the Elderly

Two-thirds of financial crimes against the elderly are perpetrated by family, friends or other trusted individuals, Wells Fargo survey finds.

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The Barber Helping Men with Dementia

There are some people that are simply amazing. 

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Dr. Seuss Does Advance Directives

Dr. Seuss Does Advance Directives: A Tim Boon Poem | ZDoggMD.com

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Barbara Bush

It seems Barbara Bush's death  has brought up some End-Of-Life debates.

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2018 Top Scams

A little mid-week reading for you. The Senate Committee on Aging has released their 2018 Fraud Book, listing the top 10 elder scams of 2018.  Fighting Fraud: Senate Aging Committee Identifies Top 10 Scams Targeting Our Nation’s Seniors  lists the top 10 scams of the year, based on reports to the hotline, which are…


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The New Medicare – Everything You Need to Know

The new cards will address some concerns by removing each member’s Social Security number and replacing it with a new, randomly generated 11-digit “Medicare number” (some capital letters are included).

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Obituary Scams

I had never thought of these possibilities. I guess obituaries should be "short n sweet".

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Dark Matter Influences Brain Development

Researchers are finally figuring out the purpose behind some gnome sequences that are nearly identical across vertebrates.

A puzzle posed by segments of 'dark matter' in genomes — long, winding strands of DNA with no obvious functions — has teased scientists for more than a decade. Now, a team has finally solved the riddle………………………..

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A Chuckle a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The folks at Sun Health shared a "funny" (pun intended) article on the importance of a good laugh.  

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