How to Make Flying With Disabilities Less Stressfull


If you’re nervous or anxious about flying with a physical disability, it may not be as bad as you think!

If you have one of the best airline credit cards, you’ll save money by booking award flights with miles and points.  And many of these cards also have perks like airport lounge access and priority boarding which can make your flying experience much less stressful and more accessible.

Having access to an airport lounge, for example, can provide you with a calmer atmosphere while you wait for your flight.  And priority boarding can help you board earlier and get settled into your seat before everyone else so you don’t feel rushed.  Miles and points can also make Business or First Class seats attainable for folks who need extra legroom, which comes in handy on a long flight!

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102-year-old runner Ida Keeling setting race records

Ida Keeling, 102, still running despite have arthritis in her hands and knees. She is so inspiring!


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Financial Crimes Against the Elderly

Two-thirds of financial crimes against the elderly are perpetrated by family, friends or other trusted individuals, Wells Fargo survey finds.

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The Barber Helping Men with Dementia

There are some people that are simply amazing. 

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Dr. Seuss Does Advance Directives

Dr. Seuss Does Advance Directives: A Tim Boon Poem |

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Barbara Bush

It seems Barbara Bush's death  has brought up some End-Of-Life debates.

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2018 Top Scams

A little mid-week reading for you. The Senate Committee on Aging has released their 2018 Fraud Book, listing the top 10 elder scams of 2018.  Fighting Fraud: Senate Aging Committee Identifies Top 10 Scams Targeting Our Nation’s Seniors  lists the top 10 scams of the year, based on reports to the hotline, which are…


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The New Medicare – Everything You Need to Know

The new cards will address some concerns by removing each member’s Social Security number and replacing it with a new, randomly generated 11-digit “Medicare number” (some capital letters are included).

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Obituary Scams

I had never thought of these possibilities. I guess obituaries should be "short n sweet".

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Dark Matter Influences Brain Development

Researchers are finally figuring out the purpose behind some gnome sequences that are nearly identical across vertebrates.

A puzzle posed by segments of 'dark matter' in genomes — long, winding strands of DNA with no obvious functions — has teased scientists for more than a decade. Now, a team has finally solved the riddle………………………..

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