Caring for Yourself: For Caregivers

"Being a caregiver requires a lot of love and a lot of time, but that doesn’t change your own needs for self-care and self-love. Don’t forget to do what you need to keep yourself feeling strong."  —  Jessica Woodbury

The following article speaks on the importance of taking time for yourself in order to meet the demands and responsibilities of being a caregiver.  

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Being There: How to Lend a Hand During a Loved One’s Depression

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5 Reasons to Pursue a Healthy Weight-Loss Goal

Robin's recent health crisis forced her to make some diet and lifestyle changes due to a diabetes diagnosis, She was determined to have better health by keeping her positive attitude and looking towards a long future with her family, and friends.

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"An important part of my journey was learning the facts and avoiding fear. In addition, here are my top five reasons for pursuing weight loss for health:"  — Robin Bickerstaff Glover

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Volunteer Vacations Make a Difference

"Exploring a new locale can pique your curiosity and broaden your perspective. Now, you can take your adventure a step further by planning a volunteer activity during your vacation. When you do so, you’re giving back to the community you’re visiting, as well as opening your mind by getting an insider’s view of a local organization and their mission." —Angela Tague

Volunteer Vacations are more popular than ever because an opportunity to give back is a huge boost to your spirits! 

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Florence Nightingale’s Story Continues to Inspire

florence nightingaleOn this Mother's day weekend, it seems appropriate to share an article on the tireless efforts of Florence Nightingale who celebrates a birthday today.  Her legacy in perseverance no matter the obstacles, is an inspiration to us all.  

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Mother’s Day Service

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We are blessed to be able to serve our own community by making 110 Mother's Day cards for the Avondale Senior Center.  

This opportunity was unique and we look forward to putting a smile on the faces of many women this weekend.  

Happy Mother's Day!!!




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Scientists discover the ‘beautiful’ secret of how memories are made

Tree pic This is a facinating article on how memories are made.  

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One sister faces early onset Alzheimer’s. The other plans to be with her for the journey

When Robin tested positive for the gene mutation for early onset alzheimers, her sister stepped up to bring her comfort and support.  

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Maria Shriver honored with Lifetime Achievement Award at National Alzheimer’s Dinner

Maria ShriverMaria Shriver has worked countless hours to advocate and find support for people with Alzheimers as well as their family members.  She was recently honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award!  

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Can You Be Paid to Care for Mom and Dad?

Caring for aging parents can take it's toll.  Find out if you are able to get some help by clicking on the link below.  

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